Zannoni Liquid Crystal Group Facilities (June 2010)

Computer Modelling and Simulations

Much of the activity of the group involves large scale computer simulations and heavy computational work and our present group resources include:

3 racks with a total of: 408 CPU cores + 4896 GPU CUDA cores

All the machines are of course networked and connected to the Regional Italian Supercomputer Centre, CINECA, based in Bologna. The group makes extensive use of their facilities: in particular their supercomputer resources and clusters via the ISCRA allocation scheme. We are currently active also in the EU DEISA project.

We have experience and currently use parallel computing techniques for workstation clusters and GRID computing. In addition to this, the group has had in the past experience of developing on a variety of platforms, including the Cray T3E and some large parallel SIMD machines of Italian construction (Alenia Quadrics) at ENEA.


The present experimental activity is mainly in Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) and is based on our Bruker EMX ESR spectrometer.

We have also a long experience of Fluorescence Depolarization and equipment for fluorescence depolarization measurements: static (Perkin Elmer) and nanosecond time scale dynamics (Edinburgh Instr. Single Photon Counting apparatus).

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