International School of Liquid Crystals: 15th Course

Liquid Crystal Phases and Nano-Structures. A Workshop to celebrate ten years of the International Liquid Crystal School

Erice, 27 October – 1 November 2008

Directors: P. Pasini, S. Zumer


27 October
Afternoon: Arrival
21.15: Welcome Reception at the Marsala Lecture Hall (S. Rocco)

28 October
9.00-9.10 Welcome
9.10-9.50 G.R. Luckhurst: Thermotropic Biaxial Nematics: An Enduring Challenge?
9.50-10.30 S. Zumer: Superstructures in nematic colloids
10.30-11.00 C.A. deLange: Evolutionary strategies for solving extremely complicated NMR spectra of solutes in nematic solvents
11.00-11.30 A.F. Martins: Recent advances in the study of the dynamics of confined nematic liquid crystals with defects and boundary inhomogeneities
11.30-11.50 Coffee Break and Posters
11.50-12.30 M. Copic: Nematic fluctuations and semi-soft elasticity in liquid crystal elastomers
12.30-13.00 A. Ferrarini: An atomistic model for the elastic constants of nematics

lunch break

15.30-16.10 M. Wilson: Simulation studies of structure and organisation in chromonic phases and macromolecular liquid crystals.
16.10-16.40 M. Bates:Computer simulation of columnar phases in T and X shaped bolaamphiphiles
16.40-17.10 D. Cleaver: Computer simulation of ordered fluids and soft solids
17.10-17.40 Coffee break and posters
17.40-18.10 R. Berardi: Computer simulations of biaxial nematics
18.10-18.50 O.D. Lavrentovich: Dynamics of liquid crystal colloids studied by 3D microscopy

29 October

9.00-9.40 D. Photinos: Poly-domain to mono-domain phase transitions and field-induced macroscopic biaxial order in nematics
9.40-10.20 E.T. Samulski: The biaxial nematic phase in nonlinear oxadiazole mesogens
10.20-10.50 D. Bruce: From Simulation to Synthesis in the Search for the Biaxial Nematic Phase
10.50-11.20 G. Mehl: 3-D ordering of mesogen covered gold nanoparticles.
11.20-11.40 Coffee Break and Posters
11.40-12.20 H. Yokoyama: Nanostructured surfaces for tailored anchoring of liquid crystals
12.20-12.50 M. Marinelli: Disorder effects at the HexB-SmA transition in 65OBC Liquid Crystal

lunch break

15.30-16.10 C. Tschierske: Complexity in liquid crystals
16.10-16.40 D. Guillon: Nanostructured dendritic architectures
16.40-17.10 A. Sugimura: Deuterium NMR study of the director dynamics for a low molar mass nematic
17.10-17.40 Coffee break and posters
17.40-18.20 H. Takezoe: Vibrational Circular Dichroism in Spontaneously Chiral Segregated Domains of Ester Molecules
18.20-18.50 E. Burnell: What can NMR divulge about the ordering potential in nematic and smectic A liquid crystals?
18.50-19.10 E4 com Technical presentation

30 October

8.30-9.10 I.C. Khoo: Nanostructured Liquid Crystalline Optical Metamaterials
9.10-9.40 G. Abbate: Complex photonic structures in soft materials.
9 .40-10.10 F. Nicoletta: Electro-optical properties of liquid crystal dispersions
10.10-10.40 C. Umeton: POLICRYPS Structures and Applications
10.40-11.10 G. Assanto: Robust spatial optical solitons in nematic liquid crystals: light trapping, routing and steering

12.00-19.30 Excursion

31 October

9.00-9.40 G. Vroege: Goethite nanorods and their modifications: extraordinary mineral liquid crystals
9.40-10.10 T. Bellini: Liquid crystallization and phase separation in concentrated solution of ultrashort DNA and RNA oligonucleotides
10.10-10.40 L. Muccioli: Physical properties of n-cyanobiphenyls from Molecular Dynamics simulations
10.40-11.10 L.A. Madsen: Understanding and Controlling Anisotropy in Ionic Polymer Membranes and Micellar Solutions
11.10-11.40 Coffee Break and Posters
11.40-12.20 M. Osipov: Microscopic mechanisms of the tilt, biaxiality and ferroelectric ordering in smectic liquid crystals.
12.20-12.50 G. Moro: Director fluctuations in ordered phases and transverse magnetization relaxation

lunch break

15.30-16.10 Y. Geerts Discotic liquid crystals : from synthesis to thin film patterning
16.10-16.50 F. Biscarini: Organic field effect transistors revisited: from charge tunneling devices to label-free transducers
16.50-17.20 T.J. Sluckin: Models of ferroelectric nematic colloidal behaviour
17.20-17.40 Coffee break and posters
17.40-18.10 G. Skacej: Controlling surface defect valence in colloids
18.10-18.30 C. Zannoni Concluding remarks



14th Course: Advances in the Experimental and Theoretical Techniques for Anisotropic Fluids

1st School of the Italian Liquid Crystal Society
Erice, 26 July – 1 August 2007

Directors of the Course: P. Pasini and C. Zannoni

Scientific Committee: A. d’Alessandro, G. Galli, P. Pasini, D. Pucci, C. Versace, E. Virga, D. Wiersma, C. Zannoni


The list of speakers includes: G. Abbate (Naples), L. Andreozzi (Pisa), G. Assanto (Rome), A. d’Alessandro (Rome), D. Finotello (Kent), O. Francescangeli (Ancona), G. Galli (Pisa), O. Lavrentovich (Kent), D. Pucci (Cosenza), C.A. Veracini (Pisa), C. Versace (Cosenza), E. Virga (Pavia), U. Zammit (Rome), C. Zannoni(Bologna), S. Zumer (Ljubljana).

Purpose of the School
The objective of the School is to provide a state of the art review of the progresses in the rapidly evolving field of experimental and theoretical techniques employed for the study of liquid crystals and other soft anisotropic systems, like polymers, elastomers and colloids.

Topics covered
X–Rays, NMR, Calorimetry, Optical Techniques, Mathematical Methods, Theoretical methods, Computer Simulation Techniques, ESR, Electrooptics, Photonics, Lasers, Synthesis of low molar mass, Synthesis of Liquid-Crystalline Polymers, Experimental techniques for studying Thin Films, Technical Applications based on LC components


13th course: Colloids, Interfaces and Liquid Crystals (July 19-25, 2006)

Organized by I. Musevic, P. Pasini, C. Zannoni, S. Zumer

The Objective of the Workshop was to provide a state of the art account of the rapidly evolving field of Colloids, Interfaces and Liquid Crystals, paying particular attention to the aspects bridging the gap between these topics normally considered independently. For instance, liquid crystal colloidal suspensions of micro and nanoparticles, forces between particles and interfaces in liquid crystals, particle manipulation in liquid crystals, nanopatterning of surfaces, surface and external field effects, phase behavior, molecular and mesoscale simulations will be discussed. The Workshop has brought together specialists in the physics of colloids and liquid crystals, both theorists and experimentalists, welcoming contributions from other disciplines.

Colleagues that have participated include:

Key-note Speakers: Hiroshi Yokoyama (Tsukuba, JP), Henk Lekkerkerker (Utrecht, NL), David Weitz (Harvard, US).

Invited speakers: Mike Allen (Warwick, UK), Clemens Bechinger (Stuttgart, DE), Oleg Lavrentovich (Kent, US), Pavlik Lettinga (Julich, DE), Jean-Christophe Loudet (Bordeaux, FR), Holger Stark (Konstanz, DE), Eugene Terentjev (Cambridge,UK).













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